BBH offers care and protection for children ( 12-18years) who are poor, homeless, in difficult, and runaways. At present, over 36 such boys have been registered under CWC- Child Welfare Committee of the Government of India’s Juvenile Justice System for Children in need of care and protection.   Their care covers  education, food, clothing, health and hygiene. Protection is offered through secure and comfortable living conditions away from the snares of the street life.Read More

The children are enrolled in nearby schools and study in a language they are comfortable in. According to their learning capability they are enrolled from class 5 upwards. They enjoy a wholesome life as normal children do. They are encouraged to be creative and have won  prizes in drawing ,crafts etc.( photos link)

They actively participate in all sports . They have even supported the Mumbai marathon Jan 2019 and some of them completed 10kms run winning medals for themselves

They are also taught music and participate in street plays. ‘ArmaanSabka’ a musical play on the life of a street child was held on 26 January 2019. It received a lot of accolades as the children acted as well as compered the show. (photos- link)

Every festival is celebrated with gusto and the high energy level at festivals is manifested in the topical decorations and activities

Regular medical check-ups ensure that they maintain good health. An in-house nurse is on call throughout the day.

The child welfare staff meticulously plan the day’s activities and monitor the progress of the children. The in house counsellor is available daily to help the children through any upsets they may face.

They are encouraged to learn computers and improve their English through on- line self-learning programmes.

Volunteers from TISS and local colleges regularly come over to spend time with the children teaching them fun games, learnings and sometimes sharing a meal with them.