Introduction to house keepingDSC_0091
Layout of spaces, Linen, Cleaning Material & Stores, Laundry/ Public Area
House keeping Management
Hierarchy, Roies & Responsibilities Protocols & job Position, Linen and Uniform, Grooming Different service, Types of rooms
General Skills
Effective working relationship with other Dept, Team work & secure working environment, Polite communication skills & Assisting guest & complying to request
Practical Exposure
Preparing trolley & its contents, Occupancy report & Handling master keys, Cleaning room clock wise & Bed making, Responsibility of room attendant, Hygiene cleaning & bathroom, Use of accessories & cleaning agents, Public area cleaning work cards 13, Types of Stitches, Weaves & flower arrangement, Procedures & Process of cleaning moping, Scrubbing & Fining
Room cleaning with hygiene procedure
Safety Precaution & Protective Clothing, Use of chemicals, Gloves & Mask,
General cleaning & sanitation of bathroom appliances and surrounding area like room, walls, mirror, shower & bath tub etc.DSC_0095
Cleaning of public area
Use warning signs for wet floor, wear protective clothing as needed, Cleaning of front office lobby area.
Other responsibility of room attendant
participating in staff meeting for general briefing, Responding to customer enquiries and complaints immediately, team work, care & maintenance.