Kitchen ManagementDSC_0486
Hierarchy, Roles & Responsibilities
Meal Production, Food cost & Stores
Kitchen equipments, Maintenance & Fire precautions
Aims & objective of Cooking
Pre-Preparation, Techniques, Textures,
Spices & Herbs, Flowering &
Styles/ Methods of Cooking
Roasting, Boiling, Baking & Frying
Basic Preparation
Stocks, Soups, Salads, Mother Sauces & India Gravies
Basic principles of  food  production
Fish, Meat & Vegetable Cookery Colours Codes of Cutting Foods
Cuts & Usages of  Vegetables, Chicken, Fish & Meat Kitchen Hygiene & Stewarding
Plating, Presentation & Garnishing, Classification of Poultry & Chicken Cuts
Classification of Seafood Pasta cooking & its Souces , Rice, Dal, Roti, Biryani/Tandoor Coconut Curry.