Bosco Boys Welfare Societyis a non-profit organisation registered as a Society under Societies Registration Act 1860. The society runs the Bosco Boys Home and Technical Institute at Borivili in Mumbai,Maharashtra.

Bosco Boys Home and Technical Training Institute (BBH) is an orphanage for boys mainly from the street, children of CSWs (Commercial Sex Workers), children from difficult backgrounds and those in conflict with law situations. At present, over 36 such boys have been registered under CWC- Child Welfare Committee of the Government of India’s Juvenile Justice System for Children in need of care and protection.Read More

BBH realizes the fact that the vulnerable boys living under its wings are basically coming from a harsh background where they are often faced with a situation of fear, poverty, neglect, abuse, deprivation and labor. Many of them were deprived of the protection and care that all children deserve, and they are sharp at street survival but ignorant in reading and writing. In many instances they were forced to do unlawful activities in order to survive.

It was in order to cater to the needs of the poor unemployed youth, having nowhere to go and faced with the stark reality of a life of poverty that BBH decided to set up the Technical Institute to empower them to reach for their dreams and thus take their place in society with their heads held high. 

The Technical Institute of BBH runs 5 trades namely Electrical, AC and Refrigeration,   2 Wheeler Yamaha, 4 Wheeler Automobile and Hotel Management.

There are around 90 youth studying a vocational trade skill. They come from marginalized backgrounds like poor single parent homes, broken families, school dropouts, runaways etc. BBH provides quality industrial specific training in technical skills so that they are gainfully employed in the industries.

BBH has been very successful in establishing linkages with several Indian & multinational companies like Yamaha, Voltas, Taj group of Hotels and other locally established companies. Linkages with these companies ensure that the students and instructors are constantly updated in their knowledge and skills, and thus are able to keep abreast with the changes in the world of employment that they will soon enter.

The Training curriculum is tailor made. Technical terminology is simplified and explained to them in a language that they can easily understand. Accordingly, the courses include a component of basic mathematics (Middle school levels), though much more emphasis is laid on practical teaching 70% as against class-room (theoretical) teaching. The class room component comprises theory, mathematics and engineering drawing. Computer training, Soft skills, English Language and Etiquettes are also included in the curriculum. BBH imparts quality education relevant to needs of society and ensures continuous improvement and innovation of both curriculum and faculty along with infrastructure.